A Deafening Silence

Silence can be deafening. It can fill a whole room, a whole body, a whole heart. It’s a lonely, depressing ache that goes on and on.  How I wish for the breath to say something, to find words, to hear my voice. The silence is emptiness and emptiness is deadly, dark and meaningless. Silence, forContinue reading “A Deafening Silence”

Dear Huff Post & AOL, Suicide is NOT painless

In my undergrad journalism classes, the importance of the headline or title of our pieces was always emphasized.  While some slick editor might come in and change a catchy headline to save space or cause sensationalism, often in magazine writing or op-ed pieces, the writer’s title was left intact…unless it was terrible.  After years ofContinue reading “Dear Huff Post & AOL, Suicide is NOT painless”

Book Review + Giveaway:: Life, In Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson

When 17 year-old Kristen Anderson laid on the tracks in front of an oncoming train, she expected to die.  In fact, she wanted to die.  The incident that should very well have taken her life only took Kristen’s legs, which was still a lot.  Life, In Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson with TriciaContinue reading “Book Review + Giveaway:: Life, In Spite of Me by Kristen Jane Anderson”

Take 10 with To Save A Life’s Randy Wayne

Randy Wayne is definitely crush material.  So don’t be surprised when the teen girls in your life gush about this personable actor after seeing To Save A Life, which releases in theaters nationwide on Jan. 22.  Randy plays Jake Taylor, a popular basketball player with a cheerleader girlfriend, you know, the typical kid that allContinue reading “Take 10 with To Save A Life’s Randy Wayne”

To Save A Life–the Movie & the Sonic Kitty

On Thursday evening, I attended a pre-screening of TO SAVE A LIFE, a film that delves into the lives of teenagers in crisis (suicide, pregnancy, divorce, cutting, bullying).  For now, all I will say about the film (which releases in January 2010) is:: it’s pretty good, has the potential to get teens (and adults) talkingContinue reading “To Save A Life–the Movie & the Sonic Kitty”

Finding Happiness

I cleaned my room on Saturday, which is always a daunting task because I am a pack rat.  Not like the guy who was a hoarder that lived at my old apartment complex, but I do like to save things “just in case”.  There’s a certain point where “just in case” because an overwhelming closetContinue reading “Finding Happiness”

Put On A Happy Face :(

The past few months, I try to blog when I feel happy. While there have been some “downer” posts here and there, for the most part I’ve been either upbeat or ranting or humorous (at least I think I’m funny). I’ve mentioned before that there’s a high cost of being real and admitting your struggles,Continue reading “Put On A Happy Face :(“

Heath Ledger, You’ll Be Sorely Missed

1979-2008 When I first saw Heath Ledger in The Patriot, I realized that Australia’s greatest national treasure was now in the United States. Playing alongside screen legend Mel Gibson, Ledger held his own as Gibson’s patriotic son fighting against the British for American independence. Then there was A Knight’s Tale. I didn’t really care forContinue reading “Heath Ledger, You’ll Be Sorely Missed”

Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 3

Man, I feel like I have to comment on every Britney Spears event. Am I becoming as bad as the paparazzi? It’s something with which I struggle. By commenting on this media spectacle, am I adding to it? Or is my little voice one of reason? Besides, it’s not like my blog is a majorContinue reading “Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 3”

Law Limited in Cyberstalking Cases

The problem that prosecutor Jack Banas is running into the case against Lori Drew is a legal one. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read my post “Megan’s MySpace Suicide” and this Fox News article about the case.) There are no laws on which he can bring charges against Drew and herContinue reading “Law Limited in Cyberstalking Cases”