Take 5 with singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts

Singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts has long been a favorite artist of mine, so I was extremely interested in hearing his latest album, Through Songs I Was First Undone. The recent release contains some of McRoberts favorite songs from artists such as Aimee Mann, Nine Inch Nails, George Michael, and Tom Petty.  Interestingly enough, McRobert’s spin onContinue reading “Take 5 with singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts”

Erwin McManus on Crave Film, Song Longings, & Storytelling

By Amy Sondova Graduating from high school with a straight D average seems like an unremarkable start for the best-selling author of An Unstoppable Force, Seizing Your Divine Moment, Uprising, and Soul Cravings. Even as Erwin Raphael McManus encouraged himself saying, “I’m gonna prove I’m not mentally ill and I’m not slow,” he found itContinue reading “Erwin McManus on Crave Film, Song Longings, & Storytelling”

The Art of Storytelling

After posting “A Thread of Reality” last night, I felt empowered.  In chatting with a friend about the post, he commented that with transparency comes vulnerability.  And with vulnerability, I thought, comes the chance to be hurt…badly. As I lie awake in my bed, I pondered why I want to tell my story.  What makesContinue reading “The Art of Storytelling”