Starfield triumphantly returns with THE KINGDOM

Right now, I’m listening to Starfield’s brand spankin’ new album, The Kingdom, which just happens to release today!  Even though Starfield’s lead man, Tim Neufield, emailed me about it weeks ago, you know how I am—behind in all things. (Though I’m sure that Tim can share in the blame.  Touring, spending time with his family…whatContinue reading “Starfield triumphantly returns with THE KINGDOM”

Take 5 with All Star United’s Ian Eskelin

Since 1997, I could always count on All Star United for an awesome album, a great live concert, and incredible lyrics.  The band’s latest album, The Good Album, is all that and more.  Led by Ian Eskelin (who is also a producer extraordinaire), All Star United delivers once again with piano-driven good-time rock and rollContinue reading “Take 5 with All Star United’s Ian Eskelin”

Take 5 with Above The Golden State

By Amy Sondova If you’re looking to learn more about that band that’s touring with Starfield on the “I Will Go” tour, then you’re in the right place.  The rock trio Above The Golden State released their self-titled debut album (Sparrow) in late June and their song “Sound of Your Name” has been transmitting fromContinue reading “Take 5 with Above The Golden State”

Floor Collapses at Starfield Concert, Prayer Requested

Christian rock band Starfield is asking for prayer for the dozens of fans injured after a floor collapse at their concert on Friday night.  Over 1000 fans packed into Central Heights Church to hear their favorite Canadians rock out when a concrete truss is suspected to have given out causing the floor to collapse intoContinue reading “Floor Collapses at Starfield Concert, Prayer Requested”

Review: I Will Go–Starfield

3.25.08 Release By Amy Sondova Creating music for a new generation, Starfield’s latest album, I Will Go, inspires listeners to join a soul revival. Packed with deep lyrics pulled directly from the fiery tongues of biblical prophets combined with pulsating music and skillful guitar, the songs boldly take listeners into a worship experience. Released MarchContinue reading “Review: I Will Go–Starfield”