Friday Faves: Werewolf Attack Edition

I’m ba-ack!  Clearly, I’ve been “back” for over a week now, but I think I missed “Friday Faves” the most during my mini-vacation and blogging break.  For more deets on my adventures, check out my post on Backseat Reader, “Where She (Me) Went,” which also includes links to a ton of giveaways! Now on toContinue reading “Friday Faves: Werewolf Attack Edition”

Book Review:: Apologetics For A New Generation by Sean McDowell

I’ve been peeling away the layers of apologetics for weeks, only to find more layers.  It’s not that Apologetics For A New Generation (Harvest House/ is filled with hard-to-understand concepts or tricky theology, for the most part; it’s just full of information.  The book’s general editor, Sean McDowell, brought together various experts to write eachContinue reading “Book Review:: Apologetics For A New Generation by Sean McDowell”

Appropriately Human

It’s been getting a little melancholy and a lot controversial ’round these parts lately, so I’m gonna take things down a notch.  There are a lot of other bloggers/writers that influence my thought life, and more importantly, my spiritual life.  One of these people is author and blogger Jonalyn Grace Fincher. I stumbled upon herContinue reading “Appropriately Human”

The Yellow Brick Road of Pregnancy & Loss

Tonight I watched “The Celebrity Apprentice” with my best friend, Sarah. Each and every week, I am strangely fascinated by the celebrities running advertising campaigns. Since this is the first season I’ve ever watched, I can’t say how it compares to other seasons. But Stephen Baldwin is one of the contestants! (Note: Out of respectContinue reading “The Yellow Brick Road of Pregnancy & Loss”

Elated About Soulation

After writing a brief assessment of Dale Fincher’s book, Living With Questions, he introduced me to his blog (indirectly), which is full of knowledge and insight. I really dig the guy and his work (although I still need to read his book). But after reading his blog, I’m sure his book will be amazing. Dale’sContinue reading “Elated About Soulation”