Twitter Under Attack!!!

People, we are under attack!  Or more specifically, Twitter is under attack, supposedly by some Russian hooligans who have a beef against mircoblogging, social networking, or the Georgians (the country, not the state).  It just depends on what you read.  I found this quote from a CNN story downright hilarious: “Some Twitter and Facebook usersContinue reading “Twitter Under Attack!!!”

This Beautiful Republic :: The Reality of Perception

By Amy Sondova If it wasn’t for their audience, This Beautiful Republic would cease to exist.  Of course, that could be said of all bands since it is the listeners who purchase the albums, attend concerts, and load up on fan gear.  However, connecting with their audience isn’t just business for the guys in ThisContinue reading “This Beautiful Republic :: The Reality of Perception”


When I first heard about Twitter, I was intrigued…mostly because “Twitter” is a fun word. It sounds like some sort of cross between a licorice candy (Twizzler) and an idiot (twit), but it’s not. It’s a real-time social network that allows you to update your friends and family about the happenings in your life viaContinue reading “Twitter-Mania”

Teenagers, Think Before You Post

I was reading a blurb about High School Musical 1 & 2 star Vanessa Hudgens on and came across this PSA urging teens to think before they post. The folks at were trying to be cute posting the PSA with a tidbit about how Hudgens regrets having nude photos taken of her backContinue reading “Teenagers, Think Before You Post”