Music Review:: See You by Josh Wilson

If music is the universal language, then Josh Wilson is a master linguist.  Once again, Wilson produces a delectable masterpiece with his latest studio release, See You.  The album’s title track, “See You,” talks about “seeing” the hands of God, even when they’re not evident in the life’s mire.  The whole album, really, is aboutContinue reading “Music Review:: See You by Josh Wilson”

Hitchhiking with singer/songwriter Bebo Norman

It was with great anxiety and distress I awaited Bebo Norman’s scheduled phone call the morning after Labor Day.  Normally, I’m not like this, but then again, it’s not every day that I get to interview one of the singer/songwriters who has been so influential in my life.  The phone rang and I said aContinue reading “Hitchhiking with singer/songwriter Bebo Norman”

Book Review:: An Oak Tree Late in Winter by Josh Rosenthal

“I’m an oak tree unsure of what the next season will be like but eager nonetheless.” – From An Oak Tree Late in Winter Josh Rosenthal proves he is not just another singer/songwriter as he scopes the depths of his soul with his debut book, An Oak Tree Late in Winter. Raw and real, theContinue reading “Book Review:: An Oak Tree Late in Winter by Josh Rosenthal”

Take 5 with Jonny Diaz

While many baseball teams started training for their 2009 season, Jonny Diaz was putting the final touches on his latest album, More Beautiful You.  The project, the fifth for this talented singer/songwriter, is also Jonny’s debut on INO Records.  Jonny never planned to release this project on a major label; God made it happen.  JustContinue reading “Take 5 with Jonny Diaz”