Show Hope :: Purchase For A Purpose

Introducing Show Hope Merchandise, Benefiting Orphans Around The World; Show Hope Offers “Shirts Of Hope” Adoption Fundraising Opportunity Show Hope™, the adoption organization founded by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman, wants to make your Christmas shopping easy this season while also making a difference in the life of an orphan. Introducing Show Hope’s merchandiseContinue reading “Show Hope :: Purchase For A Purpose”

Book Review:: Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman

By Donna Landis How do you survive the death of a beloved little daughter? How do you deal with your 17 year-old son’s feeling of guilt because he was driving the car that hit her? How do you cope with raising six children while dealing with depression.? Does it make any difference that your husbandContinue reading “Book Review:: Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman”

Show Hope: “All I Really Want for Christmas Is a Family”

NASHVILLE, TN– November 12, 2009–Continuing to fight for the staggering number of orphans worldwide, Show Hope has partnered for the fourth year in a row with Worldwide Photography, an organization that provides Santa photos during the holiday season in shopping malls across America. Starting last week on November 5th and going through the Christmas season,Continue reading “Show Hope: “All I Really Want for Christmas Is a Family””

Orphans Deserve Better [Than Summer Horror Flicks]

On July 24, another lame summer horror flick will hit theaters.  This Warner Bros production is called Orphan, and it’s about a disturbed orphan child named Esther who enjoys murder.  But only because she’s psychologically unstable due to the horrific deaths of her parents. Needless to say, adoption advocates are disgusted and so am I! Continue reading “Orphans Deserve Better [Than Summer Horror Flicks]”