Take 5 with The Glorious Unseen

On a day of heavily anticipated new releases, The Glorious Unseen’s sophomore project, The Hope That Lies In You (BEC Recordings) could easily be overlooked, which is precisely why Backseat Writer is choosing to highlight this amazing album.  The Glorious Unseen’s music can technically be defined as worship, but it doesn’t let loose with theContinue reading “Take 5 with The Glorious Unseen”

Jon & Kate:: What about the Plus Eight?

Take it from a kid whose parents split up—it’s not something you want the world to see.  People are generally at their worse when dividing up 23 years of marriage between alimony, possessions, and accusations.  I should know; I’m a child of divorce, which is why this whole Jon and Kate Gosselin thing is outContinue reading “Jon & Kate:: What about the Plus Eight?”