Updated::Former AI Contestant Alexis Cohen Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident

One of my favorite “American Idol” contestants–Alexis Cohen–passed away Saturday morning after being hit by a car in Seaside Heights, NJ (full story).  The 24 year-old Allentown native was known for her, uh, rambunctious behavior during her “Season 7” audition.  Those of us living in the Lehigh Valley were just proud that Alexis was allContinue reading “Updated::Former AI Contestant Alexis Cohen Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident”

It’s A Cook Off!

The very single David Cook. Yes, ladies, David Cook is single. That’s one of the fascinating tidbits viewers picked up with tuning in to “American Idol’s” elimination show tonight. This season viewers can now call in on elimination nights to ask questions to the judges or contestants. Naturally, the questions are always of a seriousContinue reading “It’s A Cook Off!”

A Screechy Night on AI

Poor Simon! I think they should add me to the panel. When I heard that Mariah Carey was this week’s mentor on “American Idol”, I knew it could only spell disaster for most of the contestants. I mean, really, “Mariah Carey Night”??! What were the producers thinking? Or maybe it was a Randy Jackson decisionContinue reading “A Screechy Night on AI”

Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Gay?!

“American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest looking very manly, and not metro. All these years, I thought the poster boy for metrosexuals everywhere was also a homosexual. Although Ryan Seacrest has dulled down his wardrobe for Season 7 of “American Idol”, I thought it was merely to look “less gay”. I know that sounds so terriblyContinue reading “Ryan Seacrest Isn’t Gay?!”

American Idol: “We’re Brothers Forever”

OK, I have no idea what’s up with this guy, but he’s the greatest thing on “American Idol” since Sherman Pore. Is he mentally ill or just strange? No clue. But he seemed to have a good time and wasn’t scarred by the experience. He’s 44 and from Reno, NV so clearly he wouldn’t beContinue reading “American Idol: “We’re Brothers Forever””

Local Reaction to Alexis Cohen on “American Idol”

Type “Alexis Cohen” into search engine like Google and thousands of websites will pop up, most of which call Alexis “bizarre, crazy, insane” and so on. Even Allentown’s local paper, The Morning Call, published an article yesterday talking about Alexis titled, “Bizarre Rage on ‘American Idol’”. Today the paper published another article, “Televised ‘Idol’ rantsContinue reading “Local Reaction to Alexis Cohen on “American Idol””

Does American Idol Exploit Mentally Ill?

That’s the question on my mind today after watching the season premiere of “American Idol”, which broadcast the first round of auditions last night. Since my best friend, Sarah, seems to enjoy “American Idol” I go along with watching the show, even though sometimes it makes me wretch. Sometimes they put through some of theContinue reading “Does American Idol Exploit Mentally Ill?”