A Thread of Reality or a Thin Veil of Madness?

I don’t know if you’ve ever found yourself in the place where you have a choice to hold onto a thread of reality or go stark, raving mad.  Suddenly, the thin veil between the two is torn, and you have a choice.  You can feel yourself slowly slipping away, and you know if you don’tContinue reading “A Thread of Reality or a Thin Veil of Madness?”

Local Reaction to Alexis Cohen on “American Idol”

Type “Alexis Cohen” into search engine like Google and thousands of websites will pop up, most of which call Alexis “bizarre, crazy, insane” and so on. Even Allentown’s local paper, The Morning Call, published an article yesterday talking about Alexis titled, “Bizarre Rage on ‘American Idol’”. Today the paper published another article, “Televised ‘Idol’ rantsContinue reading “Local Reaction to Alexis Cohen on “American Idol””

Does American Idol Exploit Mentally Ill?

That’s the question on my mind today after watching the season premiere of “American Idol”, which broadcast the first round of auditions last night. Since my best friend, Sarah, seems to enjoy “American Idol” I go along with watching the show, even though sometimes it makes me wretch. Sometimes they put through some of theContinue reading “Does American Idol Exploit Mentally Ill?”

Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 3

Man, I feel like I have to comment on every Britney Spears event. Am I becoming as bad as the paparazzi? It’s something with which I struggle. By commenting on this media spectacle, am I adding to it? Or is my little voice one of reason? Besides, it’s not like my blog is a majorContinue reading “Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 3”

Rejected by YWAM

According to news reports, the gunman in the Colorado shootings, 24 year-old Matthew Murray, briefly attended Youth With A Mission.   Apparently, Murray had health problems preventing him from completing his education.  One individual who attended school at the same time as Murray said that Murray heard voices.  (Story here). What do we do with thisContinue reading “Rejected by YWAM”