Take 5 with Runaway City’s Josh Edwards

Runaway City is one of my fave new bands of 2010.  Influenced by some of my fave artists like Switchfoot, Daughtry, and needtobreathe, how could I not love these North Carolina rockers, whose debut album, Armored Heart is getting some serious play on my iPod?  Lead singer, Josh Edwards, who is a second degree blackContinue reading “Take 5 with Runaway City’s Josh Edwards”

She Didn’t Want Me Anymore

I sat in the guidance counselor’s office with tears pouring down my cheeks, snot running out my nostrils, and a broken heart.  He eyed me wearily, like he hated middle school girls who cried.  I am convinced that he was the Grinch, even looked like the Grinch minus the green skin pigmentation.  “So, your friendContinue reading “She Didn’t Want Me Anymore”