Music Review:: Josh Wilson (self-titled)

Josh Wilson isn’t just one of the nicest guys in Nashville; he’s also one of the most talented.  And that’s saying a lot in a city chock full of musical geniuses.  This humble singer/songwriter would not count himself among the elite, but his latest self-titled release proves that Josh Wilson will soon be a householdContinue reading “Music Review:: Josh Wilson (self-titled)”

Josh Wilson:: 5 Reasons You Need to See Him Live

[I’m sorry about the blurry pic; Josh isn’t blurry in real life.  I was in the back row.  Also, I forgot to take a pic of Josh and me sporting matching cheesy grins for this post.  Next time, friends, next time!] (Amy’s note: I can’t seem to fix all the number 1’s in front ofContinue reading “Josh Wilson:: 5 Reasons You Need to See Him Live”

Tuned Out:: Josh Wilson’s “Savior Please”

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Josh Wilson fan and I can hardly wait to hear his new material, which releases on Sept. 8 (though I’m hoping to get a pre-release any day now.  Hear that, Josh?  I need a PRE-RELEASE like NOW!)  Anyway, it makes me think back to the song that convincedContinue reading “Tuned Out:: Josh Wilson’s “Savior Please””

Josh Wilson for $1.99

For today and today only (that’s Feb. 4) you, yes you, can download Josh Wilson’s debut album, “Trying to Fit the Oceam in a Cup” for $1.99 on (click here).   A deal like that makes me want to download the album five times (because when something’s on sale, my mind immediately thinks, “IContinue reading “Josh Wilson for $1.99”

Raw Review: Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup by Josh Wilson

I’m trying a new thing here at Backseat Writer–it’s called a raw review. No, not as in the raw review, which would be highly inappropriate. A raw review is a collection of my first thoughts on an album before I do an official review or interview. It’s less “pretty”, less polished, and off-the-cuff. Let meContinue reading “Raw Review: Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup by Josh Wilson”