Happy Birthday, Sarah!

The longer I know my best friend Sarah, the more I realize what an incredible gift her friendship has been to my life. Today’s her birthday, right? And I’ve spent several months scrimping and saving to get her something special because she does the same for me. Despite the meager possessions I am bestowing onContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Sarah!”

High School: Confidential; Allyson, Kim, & Sarah

By Amy Sondova It’s all the drama, but none of the personal turmoil–it’s high school relived from freshman to senior year through the lives of 12 girls from Northwest High School in Overland Park, KS. It’s called “High School: Confidential” and the show is a new 8-part documentary airing Monday nights at 10 PM onContinue reading “High School: Confidential; Allyson, Kim, & Sarah”

Abraham’s Other Women

Sometimes when reading through my Bible, I come to a long list of names. Bildebad beget Salmon who beget Herring who beget Peanut Butter and it goes on and on and on. More often than not, I skip over the biblical genealogies and get to the “good stuff”–you know, the big epics, the scandals, theContinue reading “Abraham’s Other Women”