Friday Faves: Dealing with Bummed-Outness Edition

Since I’m going to a Women of Faith conference (full story) this weekend, you’d think I’d be in a great mood.  I mean, what a great opportunity to commune with the people of God, right?  Absolutely!  And I feel the need for it now more than ever.  Looking for a church in the area isContinue reading “Friday Faves: Dealing with Bummed-Outness Edition”

I Trust You, Jesus

A lot of times I review a book, throw it on my shelf, and move on to the next book. Not so with Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, which I reviewed last year (read review).  Written as though God is directly talking to the reader (to me), Jesus Calling is a 365 day devotional thatContinue reading “I Trust You, Jesus”

Book Review:: Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (Deluxe Edition)

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young (Thomas Nelson) is a masterpiece!  The new deluxe edition is encased in a lovely leather cover, which adds to the appeal of this 365 day devotional.  Unlike other devotionals, Young records thoughts she receives from God in a personal format, so each devotional is likeContinue reading “Book Review:: Jesus Calling by Sarah Young (Deluxe Edition)”