Take 5 with Mandy Parsons, Owner of Savvy Media Solutions

Mandy Parsons is one of the coolest people in the Christian music industry.  Here’s why—after I chose to return to the world of journalism, specifically in the Christian music market, Mandy was one of the first publicists to help me out.  Because of her, I was able to schedule reviews and interviews with some ofContinue reading “Take 5 with Mandy Parsons, Owner of Savvy Media Solutions”

Take 5 with Sarah Reeves

Self-proclaimed lover of hats and hair dye, singer Sarah Reeves is the quintessential teenager…with a record deal. Oozing genuine humility, Sarah’s as sweet as can be, and yet one she starts singing—her inhibitions are let loose on her debut album, Sweet Sweet Sound. The album’s title track has even been endorsed by teen star, SelenaContinue reading “Take 5 with Sarah Reeves”

April Music Review Wrap-Up

I get a lot of great pre-releases each and every month, but being a one-woman operation makes it difficult to do reviews and “Take 5’s” with all these great artists.  So at the end of each month, I’m going to try to do a wrap-up on what’s been released. Last Tuesday (April 21), Jars ofContinue reading “April Music Review Wrap-Up”

Behind the Songs & Free Music Downloads

Information on debut artists, free music downloads, and the like has been flooding my inbox the past few days, and I thought, “Wow!  This is great stuff and the people need to know about it!” Meet debut artist SARAH REEVES, whose stand-out vocals blow me away!  Look for an upcoming “Take 5” with this youngContinue reading “Behind the Songs & Free Music Downloads”