Prone to Wander

When I first learned that I broke my foot, I comforted myself with the thought of lying about my apartment—in bed, on the couch—reading, watching documentaries on NetFlix, catching up on my mental to-do list, and writing my little heart out.  I haven’t finished one book, watched one documentary, written a to-do list, yet IContinue reading “Prone to Wander”

Friday Faves: The Surprise! Edition

Aren’t you elated?!  It’s been months (or at least a month) since I did Friday Faves (FF) and I didn’t originally plan on putting together FF today, but some days I just surprise myself as well as my readers!  Since I just gave you an update on my life, I thought I’d share an amusingContinue reading “Friday Faves: The Surprise! Edition”

Sara Groves:: Honest Reflections on the Church, Songwriting and Fireflies

By Wes Pickering, special to Backseat Writer I somehow managed to get the AM and PM reversed on my alarm clock again.  So, when my phone rang at 10:23, I jolted awake with that sickly “I’m late!” feeling.  I shook myself and answered the phone with my best I’ve-been-awake-for-hours-and-I’m-totally-professional voice. “Hello, this is Wes.” “Hi,Continue reading “Sara Groves:: Honest Reflections on the Church, Songwriting and Fireflies”

Wrap-Up on 12 Days of Christmas Music

To wrap up “12 Days of Christmas Music,” we decided to ask the artists to share a little insight on their Christmas projects.  And keep checking back with Backseat Writer as we continue to UnWrap Christmas.  Our special holiday coverage continues through Jan. 2. BARLOWGIRL ON HOME FOR CHRISTMAS:: Why did you decide to releaseContinue reading “Wrap-Up on 12 Days of Christmas Music”

Review:: O Holy Night – Sara Groves

By Andrew Wilhelm O Holy Night is a unique and soothing album featuring the silky voice of Sara Groves. Sit back with a mug of hot cocoa as you listen to old favorites, “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” and new soft-rock ballades like “Toy Packaging.” It is a versatile album that is sure toContinue reading “Review:: O Holy Night – Sara Groves”

Brandon Heath :: Social Activist

By Amy Sondova Fresh from Ireland and getting ready to play at a convention in Orlando, Brandon Heath caught up with me on his way to a sound check. “I actually called you 10 minutes late on my schedule,” he sheepishly admits. Such is the busy life of a musician on the precipice of releasingContinue reading “Brandon Heath :: Social Activist”