Amy’s Christmas Message: You’d Better Be Good Enough!

“Maddy!  Stop jumping on the wrapping paper,” I yelled at my shih tzu, who thought it was playtime. I was attempting to wrap Christmas presents.  Undaunted, Maddy ran to and fro across my open roll of paper engaging her sister, Cassie the Peekapoo, in a rigorous game of “Catch Me If You Can.” Half-amused andContinue reading “Amy’s Christmas Message: You’d Better Be Good Enough!”

Christmas Songs I Don’t Get

Each and every year, I joyous pull my Christmas CDs off the racks, dust ’em off, and start listening to my favorite holiday tunes the day after Thanksgiving. Yet there are a few songs, I’ve never quite understood. Maybe my friends could shed some light on these songs, which are an enigma to me. *”12Continue reading “Christmas Songs I Don’t Get”