Only the Lonely Give Thanks Alone

The holidays are fast approaching, and I always anticipate them with a sense of dread–because I hate the day after Christmas.  There’s all this excitement in the air and then it’s over.  I hate that “over” feeling.  It sucks the life right out of me.  But this year, I’m not looking forward to the holidaysContinue reading “Only the Lonely Give Thanks Alone”

Hear My Heart

I hate cliches.  I especially hate them when I’m trying to communicate how I feel about a crappy situation. If someone says or does something unkind to me, I want you, my friend and confidante, to do what friends do–I want you to say you’ll beat the living daylights out of that offensive individual.   IContinue reading “Hear My Heart”

Scribbles :: Yet We Believe

Originally, I wrote this post for my personal blog, but for some reason, it seemed to “fit” on Backseat Writer. It may still show up over on my personal soapbox; we shall see. By Amy Sondova I was going to read Psalm 46, my steadfast passage where I turn where I don’t know where elseContinue reading “Scribbles :: Yet We Believe”

Dear Brokenhearted

Dear Brokenhearted, You’re afraid the pain will never end, like it’s a limitless tunnel with no bright light, a cloud lacking a silver lining, a foolish hope in a childish faith. Your heart beats inside you, but it feels too much. It feels too deeply. It feels too often. If only you could rip itContinue reading “Dear Brokenhearted”

Wrestling with the Rain

It’s a cold, rainy, dreary day outside today.  It’s not quite cold enough to snow, but sometimes the chilling raindrops are mingled with snow flurries.  Karen Carpenter once sang, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.”  Rainy Mondays in the middle of winter must’ve really depressed the late singer. I have a strange appreciationContinue reading “Wrestling with the Rain”