A Deafening Silence

Silence can be deafening. It can fill a whole room, a whole body, a whole heart. It’s a lonely, depressing ache that goes on and on.  How I wish for the breath to say something, to find words, to hear my voice. The silence is emptiness and emptiness is deadly, dark and meaningless. Silence, forContinue reading “A Deafening Silence”

I Rented August Rush (movie review)

By Amy Sondova While August Rush is definitely a cool name for a musician, it’s a terrible movie. Maybe I’m just not into feel-good films that have a limited grasp on reality unless they’re in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I’m not sure how to classify August Rush except to reemphasize the fact it wasted two hoursContinue reading “I Rented August Rush (movie review)”

Idol Gives Back Recap

If like me, you found yourself wasting two and a half hours watching mind-numbing entertainment tonight, you just may have been tuned in to Fox’s “American Idol: Idol Gives Back”. To be fair, it was probably a total of half an hour of entertainment, an hour of in-house ads about charitable orgs and celebrities tellingContinue reading “Idol Gives Back Recap”