An Open Letter to Satan

Because why wouldn’t Satan and [hot] Jesus arm wrestle?  Seems perfectly weird natural to me. I was starting to feel glum about recent events taking place in my life.  Instead of lashing out at God, which is my former way of doing things, I decided to write an open letter to Satan instead so thatContinue reading “An Open Letter to Satan”

Review:: Painting Revelation Teaching DVD

I know there are many others like me—who want to learn about Revelation but are tired of arguing about a pre-, mid-, or post-tribulation rapture.  We’re not interested in eschatology arguments as much as trying to understand—to picture—what John was trying to pass on to future generations in his writings.  Artist Debby Topliff decided itContinue reading “Review:: Painting Revelation Teaching DVD”

Review :: Revelation – Third Day

By Clay W. Ginn – Back in 1995, sitting in my dorm room at college, one of my friends came in and said “You’ve gotta hear this band! They’re awesome!” He yanks out whatever was in my CD player at the time, tosses it aside, and sticks in a disc by a group of guysContinue reading “Review :: Revelation – Third Day”