Amy’s Christmas Playlist

Every year I make an iTunes playlist of my favorite Christmas songs–some have been on the album every year since its inception, while others are happy new editions.  There are several versions of my playlist before choosing the 20 or so songs that will fit on a CD for the enjoyment of my friends andContinue reading “Amy’s Christmas Playlist”

Friday Faves: Snow Globe Living Edition

I’ve been going back and forth on bringing back Friday Faves.  Am I ready?  What if I do it this Friday and not next Friday?  I mean, do I even have any readers left besides my mother?  Then I thought, if you write it, they will come. So I fooled around on Facebook for aContinue reading “Friday Faves: Snow Globe Living Edition”

Music Review:: Tis The Season To Be Gotee by Gotee Records

‘Tis the Season To Be Gotee is an excellent mix of Christmas songs from beloved Gotee artists like Relient K, House of Heroes, Stephanie Smith, and the rest of the Gotee gang.  Having been a long time favorite of mine, I could probably enjoy listening to Relient K sing the alphabet, but their renditions ofContinue reading “Music Review:: Tis The Season To Be Gotee by Gotee Records”

Amy’s Favorite Things, Vol. 2

Since Oprah dropped the ball on her favorite things this year, it looks like I’m going to have to take up the slack (incidentally, I’ll also be taking over for Oprah when the daytime talk show queen turns in her microphone).  I’m sorry I won’t be able to send Backseat Writers a crap load ofContinue reading “Amy’s Favorite Things, Vol. 2”

Amy’s Favorite Things (Take that, Oprah!)

By Amy Sondova Every year, Oprah Winfrey features a few of her favorite things on her daytime talk show (“Oprah’s Favorite Things“) and then adorns the audience with each and every one of her favorite things.  Well, I’m not Oprah, and therefore, cannot give all Backseat Writer’s readers samples of everything that I adore.  ButContinue reading “Amy’s Favorite Things (Take that, Oprah!)”

Review:: Let It Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer – Relient K

By Amy Sondova Last year Relient K released their first full-length Christmas album; this year they’re releasing it again with three new songs available for digital download (“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” “Silver Bells,” and “O Holy Night”).  Let It Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer features the reworking some classics like “12 Days of Christmas”, “HaveContinue reading “Review:: Let It Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer – Relient K”

Take 5 with Ruth

By Amy Sondova When it comes to answering questions, Ruth’s frontman, Dustin Ruth, is a thorough guy.  Instead of offering pithy answers, Dustin instead chose to respond to this “Take 5” with thoughtful responses.  Having just released their sophomore album, Anorak, on Oct. 28, Ruth (which is not only Dustin’s last name but an acronymContinue reading “Take 5 with Ruth”

Review :: The Nashville EP & The Bird and the Bee Sides by Relient K

By Amy Sondova After perusing the internet for information on Relient K’s latest project, I discovered that Relient K diehards are disappointed. And for the life of me I can’t figure out why! The Nashville EP & The Birds and the Bee Sides is a collection of original tunes, B-sides, remastered songs, and other randomnessContinue reading “Review :: The Nashville EP & The Bird and the Bee Sides by Relient K”

Music Review: Ringing in Christmas

Written in December 2007 By Amy Sondova The sounds of the season are all around us—screaming kids who can’t wait for Santa, blaring horns from traffic jams in mall parking lots, the sound of the Christmas tree being knocked over by the pet. Ah, Christmas! But fortunately you can cover all that pesky background noiseContinue reading “Music Review: Ringing in Christmas”

Relient K: Building on the Best Things

Article written in Fall 2007 By Amy Sondova Hours before their tour bus caught fire along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Matt Thiessen and the other members of Relient K were discussing with Switchfoot ways the bands could support the non-profit Habitat For Humanity in their upcoming fall tour. “A week after the bus fire, it occurredContinue reading “Relient K: Building on the Best Things”