UnWrapping Christmas with SkorInc’s Brody Harper

Brody Harper is one of the geniuses behind the web/marketing company, SkorInc.  SkorInc focuses on the music industry, and has “bled into art direction, photography, package design, social media management and anything else that we can handle. Sort of a digital Swiss Army Knife if you will,” says Brody.  So, why is Brody UnWrapping ChristmasContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with SkorInc’s Brody Harper”

Take 5 with Lori Isaacs-Mahon of Overture Media

If you’re looking for an interview with a BEC Recordings or Tooth & Nail Records recording artist or author Christa Banister, chances are that Lori Isaacs-Mahon of Overture Media is your go-to girl.  Working out of her Nashville home, Lori has been working in publicity for six years with artists such as TobyMac, The Afters,Continue reading “Take 5 with Lori Isaacs-Mahon of Overture Media”

Take 5 with Stacie Vining of Vining Media Relations

When I first interviewed Stacie Vining in 2002, she was only on the job for two years and working with a big publicity group.  I was a senior in college writing an article on women working in the Christian music industry for my graduation project.  So when I established a professional relationship with Stacie aContinue reading “Take 5 with Stacie Vining of Vining Media Relations”

It’s Publicist Appreciation Week!

Behind every great musician, author, and media event is an equally great publicity team!  Someone who works hard to write press releases, schedule interviews, hook up the media with comp tickets and press passes.  She is the driving force behind GMA Week, new release days, and the music/arts/media machine in general.  Without her, I’m fairlyContinue reading “It’s Publicist Appreciation Week!”