Maybe We’re All Depressed

While politicians like to talk of big things like terrorist attacks and global warming and where to put the rest of the $350 gazillion of bailout money, my friends and loved ones seem to talk of something else–depression.  Since I’m been open about my battles with that and anxiety the past few weeks, others haveContinue reading “Maybe We’re All Depressed”

Stuffing McCain Across the Great Political Divide

Now that I’ve decided to support the McCain/Palin ticket, I’ve decided to make it official by slapping a “McCain 08” bumper sticker on my vehicle.  Plus, I spent two hours volunteering at my local McCain HQ.  I stuffed plastic bags with literature that will be distributed by a team going door-to-door.  My task felt aContinue reading “Stuffing McCain Across the Great Political Divide”

Letterman: After McCain Drops Dead, Palin Won’t Teach Sex Ed

So I was watching “The O’Reilly Factor” to see Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Barack Obama when he showed a clip from “The David Letterman Show” airing on Sept. 3.  In the clip, Letterman is chatting with Dr. Phil McGraw about Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her pregnant teen daughter. Letterman sets it up likeContinue reading “Letterman: After McCain Drops Dead, Palin Won’t Teach Sex Ed”

McCain’s Shrewd VP Pick – “Coldest State/Hottest Governor”

My apathy has turned into excitement!  Whether you’re routing for Obama or McCain, you have to admit that it’s been an interesting week in politics. As I watched Barack Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention last night, I couldn’t belp but cry a little.  Not beacuse I was moved by his speech, but byContinue reading “McCain’s Shrewd VP Pick – “Coldest State/Hottest Governor””

Open Letter to John McCain’s Campaign

To John McCain’s Campaign HQ: I’m an Independent Voter, who supports John McCain. I’ve already contacted McCain’s local campaign office to see about helping with the campaign. No response yet (and I have an undergraduate degree in journalism and have worked in public relations. Believe me, I would be a valuable asset to the team).Continue reading “Open Letter to John McCain’s Campaign”

Voting:: American Idol vs. American President

By Andrew J. Wilhelm Congratulations to the latest “American Idol” David Cook, who received the majority of the 99.7 million votes cast. While the inconvenience of college cut into my T.V. viewing, , I am a big fan of the show. The overall premise of the show, to give an amateur singer the chance ofContinue reading “Voting:: American Idol vs. American President”

Benazir Bhutto: The Woman Who the Terrorists Feared Most

John Moore/Getty Images If you receive the Sunday paper, chances are that you also receive a complimentary copy of Parade Magazine, which is a mini-entertainment magazine. A beautiful picture of Benazir Bhutto graced the cover of the publication this week as a teaser for an article written by Gail Sheehy. The text next to Bhutto’sContinue reading “Benazir Bhutto: The Woman Who the Terrorists Feared Most”