Why Christians Can “Celebrate” Osama’s Death

“Death of OBL reflects the world’s universal longing for justice. We want a God of love, but we also want a God of justice.” –Dan Darling via Twitter (@dandarling) Since the news broke last night about the death of Osama Bin Laden, there has been a flurry of reaction—some patriotic, some celebratory, some hilarious, someContinue reading “Why Christians Can “Celebrate” Osama’s Death”

First Fido & Pet Peeves

Well, it’s about time!  I mean, since President Obama’s November victory speech, we’ve been speculating on what kind of dog the Obama family would get.  While I still think a shih tzu would have made a perfect pet for the first family (and smoothed over our relations with China), it came down to a LabradoodleContinue reading “First Fido & Pet Peeves”

Power to the People (Make that the Gov’t)

Like many of you, I watched President Obama’s first prime time press conference this evening.  The first thing that caught my attention was the foliage surrounding the podium area, which seemed hilariously out of place.  Who sets plants side-by-side creating a grassy box for the President to stand in while addressing the press in theContinue reading “Power to the People (Make that the Gov’t)”

How to Stimulate the Economy…or Just Your Brain

Yesterday as I was eating lunch, I flipped on Fox News to see what was going on in the world.  Apparently, the economy’s in the crapper.  If I didn’t know it from the news ticker on the bottom of my TV screen, surely each and every story would have clued me in.  I got toContinue reading “How to Stimulate the Economy…or Just Your Brain”