Christmas Un-Wrapped with Alli Rogers

Since giving birth to a bouncing baby boy, life has changed for singer/songwriter Alli Rogers travels with a guitar in one hand and a diaper bag in the other.  Still, Alli wouldn’t change it for the world—dearly loving music and her family.  Alli’s newly released Christmas album, The Silent Stars, is a beautiful addition toContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped with Alli Rogers”

“Let’s go to the mall and then get pregnant, ‘kay?”

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now–seventeen (perhaps eighteen) girls at a Gloucester, MA high school became pregnant as part of some demented pact to “raise their kids together.” While the girls refused to divulge the names of the fathers, various news outlets have reported that several men in their 20’s, including one 24Continue reading ““Let’s go to the mall and then get pregnant, ‘kay?””

The Disconnect Between Juno and Jamie Lynn

By Amy Sondova Ever since Jamie Lynn Spears announced her pregnancy, she has been the talk of the tabloids. It seems that big sister Britney’s troubles cut in on Jamie Lynn’s press time. Gossip columnists have speculated whether or not Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend has abandoned her, if Jamie Lynn’s a victim of statutory rape, andContinue reading “The Disconnect Between Juno and Jamie Lynn”

High School: Confidential; Allyson, Kim, & Sarah

By Amy Sondova It’s all the drama, but none of the personal turmoil–it’s high school relived from freshman to senior year through the lives of 12 girls from Northwest High School in Overland Park, KS. It’s called “High School: Confidential” and the show is a new 8-part documentary airing Monday nights at 10 PM onContinue reading “High School: Confidential; Allyson, Kim, & Sarah”

The Yellow Brick Road of Pregnancy & Loss

Tonight I watched “The Celebrity Apprentice” with my best friend, Sarah. Each and every week, I am strangely fascinated by the celebrities running advertising campaigns. Since this is the first season I’ve ever watched, I can’t say how it compares to other seasons. But Stephen Baldwin is one of the contestants! (Note: Out of respectContinue reading “The Yellow Brick Road of Pregnancy & Loss”

The “Christian” Way to Vote

According to Florida pastor Brian Longworth (who I had never heard of until I read this article), if Christians show up to the polls and “vote their values” Mike Huckabee can win the Republican Party’s nomination. Here’s a direct quote from the piece, “Christians make up the largest voting block in America, and when theyContinue reading “The “Christian” Way to Vote”

Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 2

This is a nice picture of Britney before all this insanity broke out. What is up with our national obsession with Britney Spears? I think that Fox News Network is devoting as much coverage to her meltdown as they did to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now I know that Fox News is not aloneContinue reading “Let’s All Laugh at Britney, Part 2”

A Sexually Explict Day in the Neighborhood

I’ll be honest–I’ve been shocked by the public’s reaction to Jamie Lynn Spears‘ pregnancy. While I don’t think it’s appropriate for 16 year-old girls to get pregnant out of wedlock, I don’t understand what our culture expects. Sixteen year-old girls get pregnant all the time. In fact, a few high schools in my town offerContinue reading “A Sexually Explict Day in the Neighborhood”

“Zoey 101” Reportedly Cancelled or Maybe Not

IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT ‘ZOEY 101’ HAS FILMED ITS FINAL SEASON PRIOR TO THE BIRTH OF JAMIE LYNN’S BABY AND WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THE AIR WAVES. SORRY, KIDS! According to British media sources (the Brits always seem to know things first–I think it has something to do with Scotland yard), Nickelodeon hasContinue reading ““Zoey 101” Reportedly Cancelled or Maybe Not”

Reacting to Jamie Lynn Spears’ Pregnancy

Clockwise from top right: Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Jamie Lynn Spears Earlier today, I was talking to my mom on the phone when she suddenly asked, “What do you think about Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant? It’s a mess, isn’t it?” After recovering from the shock that my mom even knew who JamieContinue reading “Reacting to Jamie Lynn Spears’ Pregnancy”