Anne Jackson Gives Others Permission to Speak Freely

Author Anne Jackson is a refreshingly honest person.  And it’s that refreshing honesty she brings to her latest book, Permission to Speak Freely, a combination of essays, poetry, and artistic confession (read review).   Her message to readers is simple—you are not alone.  Delivering the message via her book was a two year process that beganContinue reading “Anne Jackson Gives Others Permission to Speak Freely”

Poetic Musings :: physical education by charlotte sublett

physical education the music comes on… it’s eminem. i hate eminem… but no one seems to care… it’s not fair that we have to run. i’d like to win but i look at the clock and it’s only been 5, not 10. i cringe again at eminem while he speaks of “losing yourself” a placeContinue reading “Poetic Musings :: physical education by charlotte sublett”

Poetry :: family tree by mary ellen krulick

family tree by mary ellen krulick I stand next to my family tree this is me, this is me stepping out of the rain into the shade of its leaves some thick and some dying some so alive they are sprouting and I am emerging to notice the tree of another but I see hisContinue reading “Poetry :: family tree by mary ellen krulick”

Poetry :: I Dream

I DREAM by Mary Ellen Krulick I dream of things that may never be. I dream. It’s not a smart thing, when you dream the impossible. the improbable. You dive into the water hope on your shoulders You take a breath and jump! straight down into the murky water all belief inside of you provingContinue reading “Poetry :: I Dream”

Growing Something New

A big thanks to my garden spade for starring in this picture…and also for getting stuck in my leg last summer causing a puncture wound. I realize I just threw a link on here to Backseat Writer without really explaining the passion or the story behind the site. I know that some of you comeContinue reading “Growing Something New”


  Shame Distorts how I see myself and how others see me It’s like seeing myself in a shattered mirror In shards of glass dispersed randomly Throughout the room in a thousand little pieces Shame It’s tripping over something you know is always there You fall down, down, down, and can’t make it stop OnceContinue reading “Shame”