Photo Essay:: Let’s Get Trashy

I am fascinated with the artistic value of trash, which is why I headed to a local trash dump to take some pictures of smashed up cars!  Unfortunately, the real dump was “off-limits” so I wasn’t able to root through the trash to find cool objects to capture.  I played with a few of theseContinue reading “Photo Essay:: Let’s Get Trashy”

The Shoe Project

As I was walking to the entrance of my apartment building, I came upon an odd addition to the front lawn—a couple of pumps strewn about the roots of our friendly neighborhood tree.  Intriguing, I thought to myself, I must take pictures of this.  I forgot about the scene until later, when I pulled outContinue reading “The Shoe Project”

Photo Essay:: Urban Beauty

Beauty.  The word summons up images of lovely ladies decked out in finery, fields of flowers, and glorious sunsets–not gritty train tracks, rust stains, old  buildings, and abandoned shopping carts.  Of course, beauty is the eye of the beholder, and since it I’m the one holding the camera, I try to offer the world glimpsesContinue reading “Photo Essay:: Urban Beauty”

It’s a Day in the Park

On this fine sunny and relatively warm day, I grabbed my camera and headed to a local park to take photographs… This is the start made of stone on a stone table under the stone pavilion.  Yes, there’s lots of stone. By the cable on the bridge overlooking the little waterfall. The inside of theContinue reading “It’s a Day in the Park”

Supersonic Sunny Day

By Amy Sondova I’m intrigued by trees–their shape, form, and shadows. I took this shot and then played with it on Photoshop. Since it’s winter, the grass is actually a dull brown, but now it looks like a sunny day on Mars. Note from Amy: By the way, you can contribute your own photos (withContinue reading “Supersonic Sunny Day”