UnWrapping Christmas with Philmont’s Scott Taube

Philmont has initiative…and I like that in a band.  After leaving Forefront Records, the band decided to do things their own way—by using Kickstarter to complete their independent recording, The Transition EP, which was released this Fall.  Scott Taube, frontman for the pop-punk band, took the time to UnWrap Christmas with Backseat Writer.  By theContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with Philmont’s Scott Taube”

April Music Review Wrap-Up

I get a lot of great pre-releases each and every month, but being a one-woman operation makes it difficult to do reviews and “Take 5’s” with all these great artists.  So at the end of each month, I’m going to try to do a wrap-up on what’s been released. Last Tuesday (April 21), Jars ofContinue reading “April Music Review Wrap-Up”

UnWrapping Christmas:: Have you peeked at your presents?

Ah, who can fight the temptation of looking for those presents tucked away around the house?  For some of our Un-Rappers, peeking at presents is a Christmas tradition.  For the record, when Amy discovered her cache of loot one year, she also received a Princess Jasmine (and Aladdin) doll, just like Franny. HAVE YOU EVERContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas:: Have you peeked at your presents?”