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Santa Bans The Golden Compass

13 Dec

Santa Claus spoke out this week against The Golden Compass. I guess he won’t be using this compass to steer his sleigh. In a video message posted on YouTube (see below), Santa scolds the movie’s maker, the author of the books behind the movie, and advertisers who support the movie. Looks like they’re all going to be on the “Naughty List” this year…they’ll be lucky to get coal from the Big Guy.

Here’s the video Santa made about The Golden Compass:

Best quote from the video: “Philip Pullman’s not just on my naughty list–those books are on my banned list.”

So don’t ask Santa for the Dark Trilogy by Philip Pullman or he just may have an anerysm.

The video was put together by ChristmasGram.com, a site that will make your loved one a personal video FROM SANTA for only $14.95 (that is until Dec. 12–prices may have gone up by now). Interestingly enough, Santa’s condemnation of The Golden Compass was released just as the price was increasing…hmm…

While I don’t feel that we as Christians should dabble with the dark forces, do we really need a guy dressed as the iconic figure of Santa Claus giving us sermons via YouTube? The part that’s most ironic is that some Christians have chosen to throw out the whole notion of Santa Claus, instead focusing on Jesus’ birth (as crazy as that is. I mean, it is called CHRISTmas). I don’t tend to take spiritual advice from a guy who lives in the North Pole and hangs out with elves all year long.  I mean, how many Christians don’t even like Santa?  He’s a fictional character, for crying out loud!
Plus, it angers me that some man out there in the world would dress up as Santa, a classic Christmas character, to deliver his opinion about The Golden Compass. What’s next–Frosty the Snowman giving me a dissertation on Harry Potter?

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