Friday Faves: OK to NOT be OK Edition

How are you doing?  By that I mean, how are you *really* doing?  Yesterday the receptionist at one of my doctor’s office (two appointments with doctors in one!!!) asked me this question and I was tired, tearful, and a plain ol’ mess.  I thought about saying, “OK,” which would have been a bold-faced lie.  IContinue reading “Friday Faves: OK to NOT be OK Edition”

Women of Faith: Finding My Faith with a Weirdo

The Women of Faith “Imagine” weekend in Philadelphia was not what I expected.  At all.  Instead of an authentic women’s conference, Women of Faith felt more like a fabricated “worship experience” that could be plopped down in any city to be enjoyed by the throngs.  In essence, I suppose that is what a Women ofContinue reading “Women of Faith: Finding My Faith with a Weirdo”

Imagine… A Women of Faith Weekend

On Friday morning, BFF Sarah and I will be heading to Philadelphia to attend the two-day Women of Faith weekend (WoF).  Thanks to BookSneeze, I received two free passes in exchange for telling y’all about my experience.  Sounds good to me!  Ah, the perks of being a blogger. I’ve never been to a Women ofContinue reading “Imagine… A Women of Faith Weekend”

News:: The Almost to Roll Into Croc Rock on 10/24 and The Electric Factory on 10/28

The Almost are back, and will be hitting the road supporting The Used. They are set to release their sophomore album Monster  Monster on Nov. 3 . They outdid themselves this time, expect different alterations of awesome rock (classic/garage etc) with a mix of Americana influences (recorded in Nashville). They will be rolling into Allentown,Continue reading “News:: The Almost to Roll Into Croc Rock on 10/24 and The Electric Factory on 10/28”

Sunday Sunset

This week’s Sunday Sunset is actually a Tuesday Sunrise, but it’s still beautiful so I figured you woudln’t mind.  Plus, it’s my blog and I make all the rules!  These pictures were taken on Tuesday morning as we were driving towards Philadelphia.  As we went through Limerick (isn’t that a cute name for a town?),Continue reading “Sunday Sunset”

Shane Claiborne: An Irresistably Missional Revolution

By Amy Sondova Since the wild success of his book, The Irresistible Revolution, Shane Claiborne has become the poster child for missional living; however, Claiborne would humbly argue that he’s just following Jesus. Delighting emergent circles with his no-nonsense talks full of wit, Claiborne is causing people to reimagine how they do ministry and missions.Continue reading “Shane Claiborne: An Irresistably Missional Revolution”