Take 10 with Phil Wickham

A creator of musical masterpieces, Phil Wickham released his third studio album, Heaven and Earth (INO/Columbia), in November to critical acclaim.   The record’s message to Christians is that they’re part of an eternal story in which they were created by God with a purpose and a future.  To kick the new year off right, IContinue reading “Take 10 with Phil Wickham”

Take 5 with Bethany Dillon

It’s funny to say that Bethany Dillon’s all grown up because she’s only 21.  Still, when listening to her latest album, Stop and Listen, Dillon’s maturation as a singer/songwriter is obvious since singing her first record deal at the tender age of 14.  Now married to Shane Barnard of Shane & Shane fame, Dillon presentsContinue reading “Take 5 with Bethany Dillon”

News:: PHIL WICKHAM’s third studio album, HEAVEN and EARTH set to land NOV. 17

Nashville, TN…Since the release of his critically acclaimed sophomore album Cannons, distinguished singer/songwriter Phil Wickham finds his voice on his third studio album Heaven and Earth set to land on November 17. Even with the critical acclaim he’s garnered, for the first time in his career, Wickham feels that he has a story to tell:Continue reading “News:: PHIL WICKHAM’s third studio album, HEAVEN and EARTH set to land NOV. 17”

Danyew:: Following the Streetlights

It started out as a song for his twin sister, but after two years of tinkering, Danyew’s hit single, “Beautiful King,” morphed into a worshipful song about God.  “Her name is Rachael Marie, which rhymes perfectly with ‘beautiful king,’” jokes the 23 year-old recording artist, who released his debut album, Danyew, (Sparrow) in April. “IContinue reading “Danyew:: Following the Streetlights”