A Ringing Reminder

Oh, Kohl’s, how I adore thee!  How I love your bargains, your “Night Owl/Early Bird” deals and the tantalizng deals on your website.  I even appreciate your in-store music, which includes Owl City, Joshua Radin, and, uh, Justin Bieber (I’m sorry, tweenagers for thinking that “Baby, Baby” was sung by a chick.   Kohl’s introduced meContinue reading “A Ringing Reminder”

I am Mojo Da Nytha of the Bible

Yay for flannelgraph! My friend, Chris Wilson, whose blog is always a good read is calling out his friends to write posts about which Bible characters most closely resemble themselves. Chris explains with his in Jacob here. I identify with so many different characters in the Bible for various reasons. Much to my dismay, mostContinue reading “I am Mojo Da Nytha of the Bible”