Congrats to all the Freddy Award Winners!

Hey, did you happen to catch “The 2011 Freddy Awards” Thursday night on local station WFMZ? (Or maybe you out-of-area readers watched it on In fact, you can still can, click here!)  Started in 2002, the Freddy Awards honor area high school musicals with various awards for singing, acting, production quality, stage design, andContinue reading “Congrats to all the Freddy Award Winners!”

Janette is awesome!!!

It has recently come to my attention that Janette Krulick (sister of Mary and Ann Marie) is also awesome. I didn’t want the world to be deprived of knowing about her awesomeness and her amazing soccer skills. Shout if from the mountaintops, “Janette is awesome!” Even if she looks like an elf from Lord ofContinue reading “Janette is awesome!!!”

Les Mis @ Parkland & Ann Marie ROCKS!

This afternoon my best friend Sarah and I attended Parkland High School’s matinee performance of Les Miserables. Stuck up in the balcony (the nose bleed section), we couldn’t actually see the faces of the thespians, but their voices were loud and clear as they belted out the familiar tunes from the Tony Award-winning musical. WhileContinue reading “Les Mis @ Parkland & Ann Marie ROCKS!”

Pornography Raping Minds of Parkland Students

Imagine my surprise seeing one of the local high schools being “featured” on major news networks–for spreading student porn via their cell phones. Yes, Parkland High School (PHS), a proud and robust establishment with an excellent academic, athletic, and arts program is the scene of a scandal (full story). The pornographic material includes one femaleContinue reading “Pornography Raping Minds of Parkland Students”