Benazir Bhutto: The Woman Who the Terrorists Feared Most

John Moore/Getty Images If you receive the Sunday paper, chances are that you also receive a complimentary copy of Parade Magazine, which is a mini-entertainment magazine. A beautiful picture of Benazir Bhutto graced the cover of the publication this week as a teaser for an article written by Gail Sheehy. The text next to Bhutto’sContinue reading “Benazir Bhutto: The Woman Who the Terrorists Feared Most”

The Beauty of Benazir Bhutto

On New Year’s Eve Day I found myself skimming through magazines while waiting for my Chevy Tracker to be outfitted with new tires. I picked up a woman’s magazine from August with a feature article about Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister of Pakistan. Bhutto discussed her life in self-imposed exile, her family, and herContinue reading “The Beauty of Benazir Bhutto”