Death Without a Funeral

God is telling me that it is time to move on. And like Abraham, like Moses, like so many who have gone before, I must follow where my God has called me. Whatever the reasons for leaving a church—any church—the main reason should and must always be a calling from God.

God will redeem this

Sometimes life just hurts.  Today is like that. I waited for almost 40 days to bring home my new shih tzu puppy.  I was ecstatic, proudly showing her photos to anyone who seemed remotely interested.  I brought her home last Wednesday, and today she is going to a new home with a middle school girlContinue reading “God will redeem this”

Take 5 with The Glorious Unseen

On a day of heavily anticipated new releases, The Glorious Unseen’s sophomore project, The Hope That Lies In You (BEC Recordings) could easily be overlooked, which is precisely why Backseat Writer is choosing to highlight this amazing album.  The Glorious Unseen’s music can technically be defined as worship, but it doesn’t let loose with theContinue reading “Take 5 with The Glorious Unseen”

Hear My Heart

I hate cliches.  I especially hate them when I’m trying to communicate how I feel about a crappy situation. If someone says or does something unkind to me, I want you, my friend and confidante, to do what friends do–I want you to say you’ll beat the living daylights out of that offensive individual.   IContinue reading “Hear My Heart”

I Called Him Poppy

Ninety-three years ago today one of the greatest men I’ve ever known was born.  He was the oldest of six children, and instead of going to college, went to work immediately after graduating from high school to help support his family during difficult times.  Eventually, he married an unfaithful woman and then got divorced.  HeContinue reading “I Called Him Poppy”

Kick Me Signs

I wonder if I’m wandering through life with a giant “kick me” sign, visible to the rest of the world but invisible to me. It’s been that kind of week, and it’s been topped off with a cherry of a family problem. I feel like heading over to to buy multiple copies of CloudContinue reading “Kick Me Signs”