Remain In My Love

I decided to take a break from the Old Testament and found myself in the Gospels reading John 15, the vine and the branches passage. As I read, I felt a familiar tugging at the edge of my heart when I came to verse 15:5, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If aContinue reading “Remain In My Love”

The Glory Thieves

I’ve been thinking a lot about King Solomon lately, probably because I’m reading through 1 Kings.  Here was a man who had all the wisdom in the world, and built the most glorious things man has ever crafted…yet in all his beauty, his works couldn’t compare to a single wildflower in God’s vast creation.  WhileContinue reading “The Glory Thieves”

Tiptoe through the OT

I forgot to make mention of this sooner, but my friend, Charlie Eldred is reading the Old Testament in 2008 and you can follow along with his summaries/reading guide on his blog. It’s a nice little summary of each day’s reading and helps me to feel encouraged in my Bible reading.  Check it out, joinContinue reading “Tiptoe through the OT”

I am Mojo Da Nytha of the Bible

Yay for flannelgraph! My friend, Chris Wilson, whose blog is always a good read is calling out his friends to write posts about which Bible characters most closely resemble themselves. Chris explains with his in Jacob here. I identify with so many different characters in the Bible for various reasons. Much to my dismay, mostContinue reading “I am Mojo Da Nytha of the Bible”

Abraham’s Other Women

Sometimes when reading through my Bible, I come to a long list of names. Bildebad beget Salmon who beget Herring who beget Peanut Butter and it goes on and on and on. More often than not, I skip over the biblical genealogies and get to the “good stuff”–you know, the big epics, the scandals, theContinue reading “Abraham’s Other Women”