So Close, Yet So Far Away

When I was younger, I dreamed of the day I would move out of my parents’ home and into my own apartment.  Or more specifically I dreamed of what my apartment would look like.  Suffice to say, I do have an apartment that is full of personality thanks to my decorating tastes (fortunately, roommate SarahContinue reading “So Close, Yet So Far Away”

Things That Make Me Go AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Growing up without any siblings, sometimes I fail to realize how annoying people you live with try to be…on purpose.  Such was the case with my best friend this evening when she decided to put on a “funny new show” called “Nashville Star“–a generic version of “American Idol” for country stars hosted by….Billy Ray CyrusContinue reading “Things That Make Me Go AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”