Hitchhiking with singer/songwriter Bebo Norman

It was with great anxiety and distress I awaited Bebo Norman’s scheduled phone call the morning after Labor Day.  Normally, I’m not like this, but then again, it’s not every day that I get to interview one of the singer/songwriters who has been so influential in my life.  The phone rang and I said aContinue reading “Hitchhiking with singer/songwriter Bebo Norman”

Switchfoot’s HELLO HURRICANE Album Trailer!

If you’re like me, then you’re stoked beyond all reason about Switchfoot’s upcoming album, Hello Hurricane (on pre-sale now).  Of course, it doesn’t release until Nov. 10, so it’s a long and hard wait–for all of us since I didn’t get a pre-release copy of the album…yet (here’s hoping!)  To whet our appetites, Switchfoot hasContinue reading “Switchfoot’s HELLO HURRICANE Album Trailer!”

Jennifer Knapp’s New Music–is it true?

The first time I saw Jennifer Knapp perform was at Creation ’97.  It was just her and her acoustic guitar on a huge stage before thousands of people.  What came next floored me.  Her vocals were powerful, her guitar rang clear, and she commanded her audience.  Immediately, I knew I would be a lifelong JenniferContinue reading “Jennifer Knapp’s New Music–is it true?”

Fireflight’s Unbreakable Dawn

By Amy Sondova Sitting in the backyard of her Orlando home, Dawn Richardson whistles for her boxer, Cowboy. “He’s wandering off into the neighbor’s yard,” explains Fireflight’s lead vocalist with a chuckle. Just home from a three and a half week tour with Stellar Kart and ready to leave for New York City the nextContinue reading “Fireflight’s Unbreakable Dawn”

Review: I Will Go–Starfield

3.25.08 Release By Amy Sondova Creating music for a new generation, Starfield’s latest album, I Will Go, inspires listeners to join a soul revival. Packed with deep lyrics pulled directly from the fiery tongues of biblical prophets combined with pulsating music and skillful guitar, the songs boldly take listeners into a worship experience. Released MarchContinue reading “Review: I Will Go–Starfield”