A Stranger in the World

To many, Jesus’ birth seems that alien, that inexplicable, and that ridiculous. The story of Immanuel (God -With-Us) is so insane that it might as well be added in the madness of the holiday season. A nativity scene nestled between Elf on a Shelf and a pink glitter reindeer—it just seems to make sense.

The Gifts We Keep

Today I broke down and bought “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on DVD.  It seems ludicrous to spend $10 on a cartoon that only 25 minutes long.  But it’s not just about the cartoon; it is about reviving vivid childhood memories that flood over me while watching Charlie Brown and his sad little tree. When IContinue reading “The Gifts We Keep”

They Don’t Know Why We Celebrate

Every year, my best friend and I buy our two dogs Christmas presents.  As we unwrap candy cane-shaped bones and Pupperoni packages, my dogs’ excitement builds.  Relatives visit and sneak little tidbits of food to the dogs.  They have no idea why they’re getting all these extra treats or visitors, but for them, it’s theContinue reading “They Don’t Know Why We Celebrate”

Our Motley Christmas Photos

Here I am with the ridiculous inflatable Nativity at my mom’s house.   This was during the episode where her dog, Clifford ran away.  Everyone’s gotta take time out of a good dog chase for a picture or two. Mary Ellen, Me, Sarah, and Maddy looking oh-so-sexy. “Ryan Evans” from our High School Musical wrappingContinue reading “Our Motley Christmas Photos”

God’s Plan to Save the World

If I was going to save humankind from their iniquities, I would’ve done it differently. Instead of sending God to earth as a little baby, letting some teenagers take care of Him, and have Him born in a stable, I would’ve done something with a little more flair. Not that the Heavenly Host filling theContinue reading “God’s Plan to Save the World”

There’s a Part 2!!!

This year, the fine person behind the Cavalcade of Bad Nativities, has done a second edition of more horrible Jesus junk. Hooray! Here’s a preview of some of the exciting nativities present in the second edition: Check out the Cavalcade of Bad Nativities, Part 2!

The Hideous Gingerbread Nativity

For the past few years, Sarah and I have bought gingerbread house kits to put together. Instead of dainty pieces of confectionary art, our houses have become outlets for our creative energy. The first year we made a house, Sarah tried to make it look pretty. I wanted the house to be an epic CowboyContinue reading “The Hideous Gingerbread Nativity”

My Worst Picture Ever

Like many women out there, I struggle with how I look. Gaze into a mirror with me and I’ll point out my many physical flaws. And make-up can only do so much. However, I am coming to terms with who I am in Christ. It’s a long and painful lesson. It’s so much easier toContinue reading “My Worst Picture Ever”

Cavalcade of Bad Nativities

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without it. That’s right, the nativity. Of course, while some nativities inspire awe and wonder (or a law suit from the ACLU), some nativities inspire giggle, and yes, laughter. A few years ago someone decided to put together a site called “The Cavalcade of Bad Nativities” and every year, IContinue reading “Cavalcade of Bad Nativities”

Why Bad Nativities Are Funny

I am apalled by “Jesus Junk”. I’ve blogged about this in the past (read here) and to this day, I have to laugh when I see merchandise that cheapens God. For example, a perennial favorite of mine has to be Bobblehead Jesus, one of which is owned by my buddy, Gman. He bought BHJ whileContinue reading “Why Bad Nativities Are Funny”