UnWrapping Christmas with musician Chris Clayton

A full-time worship leader since 2000, Chris Clayton just released his latest album, Anthems of the Mystery.  Hailing from Texas, Chris also works as a record producer/engineer and is part of the worship arts team at his church.   Thanks to Chris for joining Backseat Writer a second time to UnWrap Christmas. Did you score anyContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with musician Chris Clayton”

UnWrapping Christmas with musician David Frush

A six-year veteran of the music industry, Texan David Frush is not only working on his fourth studio album, but he’s also spreading humorous Christmas cheer with Backseat Writer.  Worship leader and teacher, David founded 4:19 Ministries, which “encourages students to encounter an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ“.   Incidentally, his latest album, This is MyContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with musician David Frush”

UnWrapping Christmas with musician Josh Wilson

Musician extraordinaire Josh Wilson is a faithful friend.  Despite the fact he’s already participated in UnWrapping Christmas twice, he’s willing to go another round with Backseat Writer.  Fortunately, being the creative genius that he is, Josh provides fresh and insightful answers each and every year. Exciting things are on horizon as Josh’s new album isContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with musician Josh Wilson”

Christmas Un-Wrapped with Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson is one of the most talented musicians in the industry today.  His guitar skills could make a grown man weep and songs are like love notes from God.  Yes, I am a big Josh Wilson fan.  Now through Dec. 20, you can catch Josh on his Christmas tour (check site for dates)—no doubtContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped with Josh Wilson”

The Fiddle Man

I borrowed the above image from David’s website because David said I couldn’t use the pics I took of him because he claims he had pizza all over his face, which he didn’t. I figured he wouldn’t mind because I wrote this highly flattering post about him. Today I had the pleasure of hanging outContinue reading “The Fiddle Man”