The President is in Town (and traffic isn’t moving)

President Obama is in town hobnobbing with elected officials and a few [successful] business owners, who are more than happy to bolster Obama’s image to Pennsylvanians.  The same Pennsylvanians he accused of clinging to guns and religion during his campaign.  The local (and national) press is all over the story while our police are outContinue reading “The President is in Town (and traffic isn’t moving)”

Borrowing Lawn Gnomes Is Still Stealing

It’s a weird time in and around the Lehigh Valley area these days–two of our Olympic cyclists getting flack for wearing face masks issued by the USOC when arriving in Beijing (story); Transformers 2 was filmed at the old Bethlehem Steel plant a couple of months ago (post); and black bears keep wandering into downtownContinue reading “Borrowing Lawn Gnomes Is Still Stealing”

My Cockatiel Made the Front Page of the Local Paper

OK, so it’s the front page of the D section, but it’s a front page, nonetheless. Our local paper had this thing on their website about submitting pet photos, so I thought, why not? I submitted one of Kylie and one of the dogs. Kylie was chosen to be one of the featured pets inContinue reading “My Cockatiel Made the Front Page of the Local Paper”

Threat 229

February 29 only comes around once every four years. To celebrate the day, McDonald’s is offering small fries for only 29 cents and at Dunkin’ Donuts you can get a Leap Year Donut for 29 cents (of course, both establishments require a coupon offered in the Sunday paper weeks before). Other plans for this FridayContinue reading “Threat 229”

Pretend You Matter & Bilary’s A’Coming

AHHH! It’s Bilary! The Morning Call, the area’s local newspaper, is running a straw poll cleverly called “Pretend You Matter!” It’s funny because it’s true. As much as young people are urged to “rock the vote”, if young Pennsylvanians head out to vote in the state presidential primary on April 22, it probably won’t makeContinue reading “Pretend You Matter & Bilary’s A’Coming”

Local Reaction to Alexis Cohen on “American Idol”

Type “Alexis Cohen” into search engine like Google and thousands of websites will pop up, most of which call Alexis “bizarre, crazy, insane” and so on. Even Allentown’s local paper, The Morning Call, published an article yesterday talking about Alexis titled, “Bizarre Rage on ‘American Idol’”. Today the paper published another article, “Televised ‘Idol’ rantsContinue reading “Local Reaction to Alexis Cohen on “American Idol””