Submission = the art of working with

I know it’s past 10 on Monday night, but I wanted to tell you about my guest post over at  I’ve been delighted to take part in a group blogging project discussing L. L. Barkat’s book God In The Yard.  This week I responded to Barkat’s chapter on submission, which I’m sure you allContinue reading “Submission = the art of working with”

Talking ‘Bout Gratitude with the Gang!

I am taking part of my first group blogging project with the fine folks over at  We are studying L.L. Bakrat’s book, God in the Yard: Spiritual Practice for the Rest of Us, which teaches new ways of understanding, worshiping, and interacting with God. A group of us signed up to write responses toContinue reading “Talking ‘Bout Gratitude with the Gang!”

Jeff Deyo: Unveiled

Written in Spring 2007 By Amy Sondova You’d think that most teenagers would be awestruck if one of their youth leaders was a Dove Award-winning, worship artist. But the teens in Jeff Deyo’s youth group think of him as, well, just Jeff. A volunteer youth leader for the past 12 years, the former front manContinue reading “Jeff Deyo: Unveiled”