Friday Faves: Heart Sick Edition

Welcome to another fine edition of Friday Faves here at Backseat Writer.  Please look to the left side of your screen and notice the cute image indicating that this is a “Friday Faves” post.  I designed it on the fly so I wouldn’t have to type “insert logo here” again.  While I would prefer aContinue reading “Friday Faves: Heart Sick Edition”

Amazing God, You Can Bear the Weight of Every Heavy Heart

By Brenton Brown Sometimes it feels as if the burdens of this life are just too heavy to bear.  Sometimes they weigh down on us so hard that the thought of anyone being able to carry them seems ludicrous. And then realizing that this kind of suffering is occurring across the world in thousands ofContinue reading “Amazing God, You Can Bear the Weight of Every Heavy Heart”

The Yellow Brick Road of Pregnancy & Loss

Tonight I watched “The Celebrity Apprentice” with my best friend, Sarah. Each and every week, I am strangely fascinated by the celebrities running advertising campaigns. Since this is the first season I’ve ever watched, I can’t say how it compares to other seasons. But Stephen Baldwin is one of the contestants! (Note: Out of respectContinue reading “The Yellow Brick Road of Pregnancy & Loss”