The Church is a Hospital, Part 2

In my first “The Church is a Hospital” post, I talked about how the church should function as a hospital, but often does not.  I also introduced you to my friend, who was treated poorly by the church “triage” team.  While the church as an institution got it wrong, the Church as a people surroundedContinue reading “The Church is a Hospital, Part 2”

The Church is a Hospital

Recently, I attended a local church. As I read the bulletin, I noticed a mission statement of sorts on the back that started out stating, “The church is a hospital.” Immediately, I wondered if the mission statement was inspired by the late Mike Yaconelli who wrote in Messy Spirituality, “The church is a hospital forContinue reading “The Church is a Hospital”

Take 5 (+ 2) with Brenton Brown

By Alyssa Bjornstad Brenton Brown’s new record, Because of Your Love, (Survivor) is nothing short of spirit-filled. In many parts of the country, summer has turned to fall…an opportunity to cozy up with a cup of tea and this fantastic new album. Brenton, thanks for answering these questions and providing listeners with a glimpse ofContinue reading “Take 5 (+ 2) with Brenton Brown”