Put On A Happy Face :(

The past few months, I try to blog when I feel happy. While there have been some “downer” posts here and there, for the most part I’ve been either upbeat or ranting or humorous (at least I think I’m funny). I’ve mentioned before that there’s a high cost of being real and admitting your struggles,Continue reading “Put On A Happy Face :(“

Absolute Randomness

I put “randomness” as a search term on Google images and this is one of the pics that came up. It’s sort of funny and sort of mean. I’d rather throw M&M’s or blow bubbles at people myself. One of the main drawbacks with writing from home is that I’m so easily distracted. I mean,Continue reading “Absolute Randomness”

Melancholy Mood Music

Sometimes when you’re feeling a little down, there’s nothing to do but find someone who understands and talk it out. But, you know, other times you just need a good CD, a soft blanket, your flannel PJ’s, and a dark room to cry your eyes out. Here are some of my recommendations for “mood music”Continue reading “Melancholy Mood Music”