Music Review:: See You by Josh Wilson

If music is the universal language, then Josh Wilson is a master linguist.  Once again, Wilson produces a delectable masterpiece with his latest studio release, See You.  The album’s title track, “See You,” talks about “seeing” the hands of God, even when they’re not evident in the life’s mire.  The whole album, really, is aboutContinue reading “Music Review:: See You by Josh Wilson”

Rush of Fools’ Confounded Plans

By Amy Sondova Twenty-one year-old Wes Willis had big plans for his life. “All my life, since I was five, I played baseball,” he says. “That was my plan and that was my dream—to play baseball professionally.” Unlike many dreams, Willis’ was in reach with his .341 batting average and his records of leading hisContinue reading “Rush of Fools’ Confounded Plans”