The Desolate Woman: A Biblical Perspective on Rape

A huge kingdom in a faraway land, a beloved king with a beautiful daughter, and a handsome prince who is heir to the throne—the story has all the makings of a lovely fairy tale, yet it is a horror story. The kingdom was Israel under the rule of King David and the handsome prince wasContinue reading “The Desolate Woman: A Biblical Perspective on Rape”

Sorry, James, I Just Can’t Marry You

   Last week, I got an email marriage proposal [in my spam folder] from a gentleman named “James.”  I’m afraid to email James directly because he may be a phisher who is trying to hack into my email account (Or maybe he is the South Korean who hacked into my email account and spammed allContinue reading “Sorry, James, I Just Can’t Marry You”

Divorce #2

I have been through two divorces—the ripping apart of one flesh back into two, the division of marital property, wedding pictures thrown into the trash bags along with the hopes and dreams ignited that day, a million tears falling on damp pillows in the darkest of nights.  Yes, I’ve been through two divorces. The strangeContinue reading “Divorce #2”

“Glee” to add Christian Character to Show

Amidst news of Jane Lynch’s recent marriage, “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy announced that a Christian character will be added to New Directions to help make the show more inclusive.  According to this article, the female character will, at first, have difficulty accepting Kurt’s homosexuality, but I am sure she will eventually come to accept himContinue reading ““Glee” to add Christian Character to Show”

Book Review:: Love and War by John & Stasi Eldredge

“And they lived happily ever after. The End” By Donna Savaki Isn’t that the way the lovely new bride and her bridegroom prince begin and end their wonderful life together?  Just where was John and Stasi Eldredge’s new book, Love and War, when I was a blushing new bride in 1977?  No one was thereContinue reading “Book Review:: Love and War by John & Stasi Eldredge”

Grab Bag Blog Tour Book Reviews:: MORE THAN A MATCH & 99 TO FIGHT WORRY AND STRESS

This week Backseat Writer is taking part in the “Grab Bag” Blog Tour sponsored by WaterBrook Multnomah.  The first book, More than a Match by Michael and Amy Smalley is from WaterBrook’s Value Non-Fiction, which offers insightful books on love, marriage, relationships and personal growth. At just $6.99, WaterBrook Press is offering readers on theContinue reading “Grab Bag Blog Tour Book Reviews:: MORE THAN A MATCH & 99 TO FIGHT WORRY AND STRESS”


Singer/songwriter Josh Rosenthal has undertaken a gargantuan task by releasing a series of four albums in four months.  The project, simply known as the Villages Suite, speaks of how people live together in community and relate to one another.  The first of the four albums, Overture, introduces listeners to the substance of the next threeContinue reading “JOSH ROSENTHAL’s Villages Suite Continues with EVEN THE STRONGEST HERO”

Take 5 with Josh Wilson

There are two things I’ve heard consistently about Sparrow Recording artist Josh Wilson—he’s a nice guy and an excellent guitar player.  Upon further discovery, I have also learned that Josh Wilson is a great lyricist, an exceptional producer, and a man with a heart that beats for God.  I’m a big Josh Wilson fan, whichContinue reading “Take 5 with Josh Wilson”

Free Jeep…But There’s a Catch

…and that catch is you!  If you’re a single breathing male, then let’s hook up.  OK, that’s not quite how 38 year-old Kelly O’very worded her classified ad in a local paper.  Tired of the dating scene, this Salt Lake City woman placed an ad in the “For Barter or Trade” section reading, “Free JeepContinue reading “Free Jeep…But There’s a Catch”

Jon & Kate:: What about the Plus Eight?

Take it from a kid whose parents split up—it’s not something you want the world to see.  People are generally at their worse when dividing up 23 years of marriage between alimony, possessions, and accusations.  I should know; I’m a child of divorce, which is why this whole Jon and Kate Gosselin thing is outContinue reading “Jon & Kate:: What about the Plus Eight?”