What Frozen Has Taught Me About Holding On

Yet God, like Anna, sees us scared and alone building castles of isolation. We tell Him that we don’t need Him. We sing songs of independence. We look beautiful on the outside.

On the inside, our hearts are slowly freezing us to spiritual death.

Joy comes in the mourning

Necklace crafted by Etsy artist, Lisa Hopkins I’ve cried until my eyes swelled up and blotted until my face went raw.  I’ve mourned long and hard for my dog, and in many ways, still do.  But joy comes in the mourning. Usually, I have an attitude like this: “God, does ONE MORE bad thing haveContinue reading “Joy comes in the mourning”

Photo Essay:: My Best Friend

Photography Amy Sondova, Shayna Skalicky, and Shannon Sistrunk. “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” ~ George Elliot “All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it.” ~ Samuel Butler “If a dog jumps in your lap, it isContinue reading “Photo Essay:: My Best Friend”

Review :: Hello Love – Chris Tomlin

By Alyssa Bjornstad Hello Love (sixstepsrecords) affirms yet again that Chris Tomlin is more than a songwriter and musician; he is a worshiper. This album emerges in a different way than Tomlin’s previous solo albums (The Noise We Make, Not to Us, Arriving, Live from Austin Music Hall, See the Morning). At first listen, manyContinue reading “Review :: Hello Love – Chris Tomlin”

With Love and Flowers

  She is Beautiful, yet she doesn’t always think so She has big dreams for a bright career When she is nervous, she plays with her hair She has a birthday… 1977 although I would have guessed the 80’s She has two smiles, the real one is much better She wants to have a babyContinue reading “With Love and Flowers”

How to Be Irresistible to Men

Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show” was confident, eccentric, and the take charge-type…and she ended up with Drew’s brother, who liked to wear dresses…hmm… I was only checking my e-mail…honest. You know how web-based e-mail is–tantalizing little articles pop up on the site’s main screen and well, sometimes, you’ve just got to click ’em. SoContinue reading “How to Be Irresistible to Men”

My Walk to Remember

Originally written in Spring 2004 By Amy Sondova Today I found myself in the most peculiar of situations. I was walking up a steep hill in South Bethlehem with a tattered plastic bag of worthless wares in my left hand and an 80 year-old woman clutching my right hand. Traffic halted as we made ourContinue reading “My Walk to Remember”

“When We Dance” by Sting

Because it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m feeling a little romantic (for no apparent reason), I’m going to post one of my fave songs. The music video’s a little freaky, but Sting, a stringed instrument, a unicorn man, and weird architecture, what more do you need out of life? Also, it looks like Sting is theContinue reading ““When We Dance” by Sting”

Close Encounters of the Human Kind

Today I made two unlikely friends. I accompanied my friend, Julie, and her greyhound, Bart, on their monthly visit to the an area nursing home. I wanted to get an idea of what the experience might be like for Maddy (my one year-old shih tzu), and to talk to the activities manager to see ifContinue reading “Close Encounters of the Human Kind”