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Book Review:: Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Paul Meier, MD & David L. Henderson, MD

2 Jun

Did you ever forget you had a book in that “to be reviewed” pile?  Yes, even an organizational wizard like me loses things once in a while. Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Paul Meier, MD and David L. Henderson, MD is good read, especially when pains makes life unbearable.  And when it feels like God has forgotten all about His children.  This book is for such a time as this.

The doctors focus on seven key areas of pain, which include injustice, rejection, loneliness, loss, discipline, failure, and death.  Outlining these universal struggles allows the reader to feel understood in his or her suffering, but Drs. Meier and Henderson take things a step further.  Instead of focusing on the problem, individuals must look directly to God for healing from the pain.  It sounds so simple, and yet it’s often the last thing Christians do.

While this book isn’t a quick fix, especially at just under 300 pages, it can be insightful for those suffering.  It just isn’t a book I would give to someone who is suffering at the moment of pain.  It is better read in retrospect.  Still, Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain is a solid read and can help heal not only the wounded, but also makes a great resourced for Christian counselors.

*This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.*

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