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Take 5 with author Liz Curtis Higgs

16 Mar

Liz Curtis Higgs is my favorite former bad girl.  Author of the Bad Girls of the Bible series as well as a slew of other award-winning books, Liz just released her latest historical novel, Mine Is the Night (read review), which completes the tale that began with Here Burns My Candle.  Both novels take the book of Ruth and transplant it in 18th century Scotland.  The result is a series that is both breathtaking in its historical detail and swoon-worthy in its classic romance.   I adore Liz—her personality, her writing, her zeal for God’s Word—and am beyond excited to interview her for the first time on Backseat Writer.

You have a special gift for retelling stories of the Bible, yet leaving the message intact.  When did you first discover you were a storyteller?

Almost as soon as I started reading, I started writing little stories on paper for my family and friends. My first go at a novel came at age ten. Yes, I still have it, and yes, it’s laughable! But when I hold it in my hands I remember that young girl who dreamed of writing real novels someday. I kept that dream under wraps for many years, through high school and college, through my radio career and the early years of my speaking career. In the mid-90s I finally confessed to a writing friend, “I believe God is calling me to write fiction,” then waited for her to laugh. Instead she said, “Why not? You’re a natural storyteller.” Her kind words gave me the courage I needed for the next step: showing an editor my work. Thank the Lord she didn’t laugh either! I wrote two contemporary novels and a novella before turning to historical fiction in 2003 with Thorn in My Heart.

I read that the story of Ruth, the basis for Mine Is the Night, has been a longtime favorite of yours.  What do you love about this story?

It’s a romance for the ages, one that goes far beyond girl-meets-boy. A young woman leaves behind her pagan gods to follow the God of Israel, then leaves behind her family to follow her bitter, broken mother-in-law, and finally leaves behind her widow’s weeds to marry a man who is older than she, yet wise in the things of God. It’s the ultimate rags-to-riches, loss-to-redemption, sorrow-to-celebration story. Glorious! By moving Ruth and Naomi’s journey to eighteenth-century Scotland, I hoped I might help readers look at their story afresh and discover what God might be saying to us about his loving-kindness and mercy.

What captivates you about Scotland, where so many of your tales find their setting?

The land itself is beautifully green and rolling in the Lowlands, then strikingly barren and majestic in the Highlands. History is everywhere you turn in Scotland, with castles and cottages dotting the landscape. Traditions are woven into their lives like a thick tapestry. And faith runs through the backbone of Scotland like the Great Glen itself. It’s simply a magical place. I’ve been there a dozen times and cannot wait to return.

Your Bad Girls of the Bible books have greatly impacted my life and the way I look at the Bible.  How has sharing parts of your own story through your writing and speaking helped others? (And maybe even helped to heal you!)

It took ten years of sharing my Former Bad Girl story from the platform before I had the courage to share it on the pages of my first book, One Size Fits All and Other Fables, released in 1993 and now long out of print. So my healing was already well underway when I wrote Bad Girls of the Bible in 1999, praying I might help other women break free from the mistakes of their past and embrace the grace that God offers. Jesus loved hanging around with Bad Girls, with prostitutes, with those who were unclean, unwelcome, unseen. What a Savior! It’s been thrilling—and humbling—to watch God work in the lives of our sisters through the Bad Girls of the Bible series.

When was the last time you laughed out loud in a very unladylike fashion?

I do that on a daily basis! Though I have to say, this little story that arrived in my morning email made me LOL: A woman was in the bathroom, putting on her makeup under the watchful eyes of her young granddaughter. After the woman applied her lipstick and started to leave, the little girl said, “But Grandma, you forgot to kiss the toilet paper good-bye!” Love it.

For more information on Liz Curtis Higgs, please visit her online at LizCurtisHiggs.com.  She’s also on Facebook and Twitter.  Everyone needs a little Lizzie in her life!

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Book Review:: Mine Is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs

15 Mar

By Donna Landis Liz Curtis Higgs‘ new book Mine Is the Night is the sequel to Here Burns My Candle. I did not read the first book, but it really is not necessary as Ms. Higgs recounts the journey of her characters up to the point of meeting them in Mine Is the Night. If you love historical romance rich in the details of life in 18th century Scotland, you will find Higgs’ new book fascinating. If you are interested in a modern retelling of the biblical story of the book of Ruth, this is the one you are waiting for.

I loved all three books in Ms. Higgs’ Bad Girls of the Bible series (we studied – actually discussed, argued, laughed – these books our women’s Bible study) because her insights into a woman’s psyche are compellingly honest. In the Bad Girls series, she had real doozies of characters and situations to deal with. In Mine Is the Night she parallels the sweet redemptive story of Ruth and Boaz. Those of us who are complete romantics begin to swoon when we just hear the story of Ruth mentioned. If you are that kind of romantic, run to the bookstore to purchase this book.

However, the very romantic story of Ruth and Boaz as led by God’s redemptive plan is well known. There is just not enough tension between the characters of Ms. Higgs’ Elizabeth and Jack as well as in the story line to make this plot sufficiently pleasing. Can we find fault with Ruth and Boaz? No. In the same way, Elizabeth and Jack are too sweet and too predictable.

Despite the dearth of an interesting and compelling plot, the story is rich and beautifully told. Historical romance fans, Mine Is the Night is your book!


Donna Landis is a retired teacher (over 30 years of teaching kindergarteners was enough).  She has one daughter, Amy, who is the head honcho of Backseat Writer.  She lives in Pennsylvania and owns a cute dog named Katie.

*With thanks to Waterbrook Press for my review copy of this book.  To see Backseat Writer’s full review policy along with the FTC disclosure, please click on the “About Backseat Writer” tab above.*

Book Review:: Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs + Giveaway!

25 Mar

Having led Bad Girls of the Bible studies for years, it was fun to actually dig into one of original “former bad girl’s” historical fiction novels, Here Burns My Candle, part of Higgs popular Scotland series.  Having already retold the stories of the matriarchs of Genesis (Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel/Leah), Higgs now turns her eyes to the beloved story of Ruth and Naomi.

Dowager Lady Marjory Kerr is quite concerned about appearances as a socialite in 18th Century Scotland, especially when her son, Donald, dares to marry not only a commoner, but a Highlander as well.  The setting of the story takes place during the 1745-1746 assault on Edinburgh’s Lowlands by Highlander Prince Charlie.  Born in the Highlands of Scotland, Lady Elisabeth Kerr believes Prince Charlie, not an English monarch, to be Scotland’s true king—sentiments which not only risk the Kerr family’s title and wealth, but also offend Dowager Kerr.  Through loss, heartache, and redemption, Marjory and Elisabeth come to rely on one another.

Admittedly, I was a huge fan of Higgs before I read Here Burns My Candle.  Still, I was greatly impressed by how Higgs commands the turbulent history of Scotland’s past, throws in authentic Scottish dialect (glossary in back of book is helpful), and captures the thoughts of characters stuck in various calamities that life presents—an unfaithful husband, a wife who can never please her mother-in-law, a sickly son, a meddling mother—all these characters are rich and realistic.  At times the plot slows down a little too much, but that is a only a minor irritation in a work embroidered with historical detail.

Here Burns My Candle is a fine addition to Liz Curtis Higgs’ Scottish Lowland series, and would make a thrilling addition to any historical fiction lover’s reading list!

Because WaterBrook Multnomah is awesome, they have given Backseat Writer ONE copy of HERE BURNS MY CANDLE as a giveaway to readers.  Giveway runs through April 1 at 11:59 PM.  Winner will be announced on April 2. Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

To enter, simply leave a comment below.  If you want extra entries, go for it.  Just be sure to leave a separate comment for each and every thing you do (fan Backseat Writer on Facebook, Tweet, regular follower, and so on.  If you think of it, I’ll probably accept it.)  Good luck.

This was book was provided for review by WaterBrook Multnomah.


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